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Macromolecules Course

Offered as MB&B 400b/700b. Solution properties of macromolecules and current topics in biophysics, including optical spectroscopy, electrostatics, hydrodynamics, enzyme kinetics, molecular dynamics, and multiple equilibria. On-line lectures on computational subjects are available. Directory with most recent (2002) handouts. Older lectures:

Bioinformatics Course in Spring 1999

Offered as MB&B 447b4/747b4 in the 2nd half of the spring term as a module. Meeting from 1:00-2:15 PM on Mondays and Wednesday, probably in Bass 405 or 205. First class on 22 March. An on-line syllabus is posted. Probably the course will follow a very similar progression to the bioinformatics course offered last spring.

Advanced Biochemistry Course in Fall 1998

Offered as MB&B 400a/700a. Syllabus + on-line lectures on computational subjects available:

Bioinformatics Course in Spring 1998

Offered in as MB&B 447b4/747b4. All course materials are available on-line -- in particular, the overheads from all the lectures.

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