Sarkar-20090316-GenomeTechAnnotate Human Genome Annotation GenomeTechAnnote,Genomics,Intergenic,Pseudogenes Sarkar Lecture at Sick Kids Hosp., U Toronto , 2009.03.16, 13:15-14:15; [I:SARKAR] (Long GenomeTechAnnote talk, incl. the following topics: 'junk DNA', anonymity*, pgenes-rev*, whatisgene*, chip-seq-simu*, peakseq*, msb*, pemer*, tredist*, sdcnvcorr* , cosbcnv*, pseudofam*, pseudopipe*, encodepgenes*, rp-pgenes*, sirnapgene*, encode-pilot*, pgene-classify*, & pubnet* . Too long, fits into 60' w. skipping most of pgene sect. PPT works on mac & PC and has many photos w. EXIF tags .) 20090316