UCSC-20090522-GenomeTechAnnotate Human Genome Annotation GenomeTechAnnote UCSC, 2009.05.22, 12:00-13:00; [I:UCSC] (Long GenomeTechAnnote talk, incl. topics such as 'junk DNA', anonymity*, peakseq*, reseqsim*... Similar to [I:CSHL] but with a reworked reseqsim* and disc. of genome variation. Too long, fits into 60’. PPT works on mac & PC and has many photos w. EXIF tags Some detailed timings: 6' to get through intro.,13' to end of TF sect, 24' to end of cnv/sd, 28' to beg. of pgene sect., 41' to beg. of what is gene discussion, 43' to summary, 48' to end, & 50' done. 20090522 http://abstracts.gersteinlab.org/2009/05/abstract-for-talk-at-ucsc-on-22-may.html