Human Genome Analysis (Stories Contrasting Traditional Annotation with Newer Network Approaches: Pseudogenes v. Regulatory Networks)
Talk at conference "Automated Personal Genome Analysis for Clinical Advisors: Challenges and Solutions" . 45' slot has a shortened version of my ENCODE networks & pseudogenes talk now with neat movies from Z Gumus (see extra link for multigifs) . Talk now includes some positive selection on the reg. network, pseudgene population variation, and more on netsnp.
Subject: encodenets, networks, netsnp, svpgenes, pgenes, encodeprodpgenes, fig Date Given: 5/3/2013
Lecture ID: Hum_Genome_Analysis_Cont_Trad_w_Nets_Pgenes_n_Regnets--20130503-i0cmu13

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