What is a gene? Insights gleaned from annotating the human genome
Rhode Island College, Young Lecture at Biology Dept. , 2009.02.25, 19:00-20:00; [I:RIC] (Long talk based on GenomeTechAnnotate Flow, incl. the following topics: 'junk DNA' w. whatisgene*, amsci*, peakseq*, tredist*, rnaseq*, hoxa*, dart*, encodepgenes*, rp-pgenes*, encode-pilot*, pseudofam*, pseudopipe*, sirnapgene*, pgene-classify*, & pubnet* ... Lots of additional background material. Too long, fits into 60' w. skipping most of pgene sect. PPT works on mac & PC and has many photos w. EXIF tags .)
Subject: whatisgene Date Given: 2/25/2009
Lecture ID: RIC-20090225-GenomeTechAnnotate-Whatisgene

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