Statistical Methods in Functional Genomics -- or How Biology Grapples with Big Data (Illustrations of Models, Networks and Practical Tools)
New big data intro. then normal encode stat. models & networks, followed by an overview of chipseq and RNAseq tools (including privacy & allelic aspects). 2hr talk at CSHL course on Statistical Methods in Functional Genomics. (Video available on youtube, via "extra" link.)
Subject: encode, tools, peakseq, privacy, encodenets, rnaseq, alleleseq, stat-models, bigdata, video, youtube Date Given: 6/27/2013
Lecture ID: Stat_Meth_in_Func_Genomics-How_Bio_Grapples_w_Big_Data-Models_Nets_Tools--20130627-i0cshcourse

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